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Please Help Coachella Valley’s Adam Luna Jr. aka ‘AJ’!

Please Help Coachella Valley’s Adam Luna Jr. aka ‘AJ’!

Help Fund AJ’s Fight

 If you ever met Adam Luna Jr. aka ‘AJ’ you would know that he is truly special. AJ is an outgoing, hardworking, gentle and friendly young man. He is a strong believer in Christ and attends Journey Baptist Church. AJ has always had a way of touching people and making them feel special. He graduated with high honors in 2014 from La Quinta High School. He recently completed ROP mechanic trade school and pursued a career in welding which he loved.  AJ has many hobbies and passions including sports, dirt biking and muscle cars. He loves working on and recently finished restoration of his beloved 1979 Trans Am with his Father.

Help Fund AJ’s Fight

Help Fund AJ’s Fight

The day before AJ’s 19th Birthday on April 24, 2015 the unthinkable happened.  He was involved in a tragic dirt biking accident. AJ was thrown from his dirt bike landing on his stomach and the bike landed on his back. He was wearing a neck brace and helmet that ultimately saved his life. The accident left AJ with a traumatic spine injury. He was rushed to Arrowhead Regional Hospital and underwent surgery to have a T3 through T11 rod placed in his spine and a decompression of level T8. As a result of the accident AJ is left paralyzed from the waist down. He has been moved to Loma Linda Hospital for extensive acute physical therapy and rehabilitation. The medical staff hopes to get his upper body strong so he can function independently. But, AJ is determined to do more and beat the odds he has been given. AJ is constantly pushing himself physically and is determined to walk, work and enjoy his passions in life again. Each day his positive frame of mind and faith in God allows him to continue to make progress.

Help Fund AJ’s Fight

Help Fund AJ’s Fight

The medical bills, living expenses, travel expenses, hospital parking fees and lost wages are quickly piling up for AJ and his family. AJ’s family and friends are by his side and doing everything they can to raise the money to help him through this challenging time. They need support to help with medical bills and living expenses while he undergoes extensive rehabilitation therapy. We need your help for AJ to reach his full potential and to help get his life back. If you feel called to help AJ as he fights to walk again any kind of donation will be a blessing. If you are not able to donate please keep AJ and his family in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you for your generosity. God Bless.

Thank you for giving! https://www.gofundme.com/ubk4vf4m

Thank you for praying!

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