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Live Video – First Hosted Sporting Event for Shadow Hills High School in Nearly a Year

Live Video – First Hosted Sporting Event for Shadow Hills High School in nearly a year. We take you to the start and finish lines, interview the coaches and staff and of course the winners from both girls and boys cross country races.

The Start of the Cross Country Meet Hosted by Shadow Hills High School vs. Hemet by Craige Campbell/ Coachellavalley.com

Watch the Live Video and hear them all share with you, their thoughts and emotions during this historic race.

Shadow Hills High School host the first cross country meet in their High School’s history on this brand new 3-mile campus course. Their opponent for this historic event is Hemet.

Shadow Hills High School Coach Richie DeTamble and Girls Varsity Winner from Shadow Hills Senior, Delanie Quezada celebrate together in today’s win over Hemet. Photo by Craige Campbell/ Coachellavalley.com

Official Results

Unfortunately, no spectators were in attendance on campus yet but if you make enough noise, I promise they’ll hear 😉

Photo by Jan Diaz for Shadow Hills High School

We have it all live for you here with host Craige Campbell for Coachella Valley!

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