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SOLAR 101   The Solar Opportunity Owning a rooftop solar power plant represents a fundamental shift in the way you power your home or business. In short, you produce your own electricity every day rather than solely buying it from

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New Electric Service Provider in Select Cities: Desert Community Energy

As most of you (or at least, those of you who read about the Rancho Mirage Energy Authority are aware, Rancho Mirage recently started its own electric company –Rancho Mirage Energy Authority –pursuant to the state’s Community Choice Aggregator (CCA) law, and now

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Trump Imposes 30% Tariff On Solar Cell Imports

Trump Imposes 30% Tariff On Solar Cell Imports The President handed down a sweeping 30% tariff on solar cell imports early this year that will no doubt have rippling effects across the US solar industry.   Some will applaud the move

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Renewed at the end of 2015, the current Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit expires December 31, 2019. The Federal Tax Credit is a flat 30% of the system price to be credited towards your Federal Tax Liability in the year

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New Electric Service Provider : Rancho Mirage Energy Authority

As some of you may be aware, the City of Rancho Mirage has created its own utility company pursuant to California’s Community Choice Aggregator (CCA) law. For those of you who live outside of Rancho Mirage this will have no

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Solar Service FAQ

Solar Service Faq   Here are a few common questions that we have seen come across our service department’s desk a few times…. Q: How can I tell if my solar system is working? A: If there is a green

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Energy Savings Tips by HotPurpleEnergy.com

How to Implement Home Energy Savings. · LED Light Bulbs. · Energy Star Rated Appliances. · Ceiling Fans (Energy Star Rated). · Dimmers. · Install all-off Plugs (one button and all the vampire loads are turned off, great for homes

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The Cost of Solar by Hot Purple Energy

THE COST OF SOLAR When you buy a solar system, you are buying the panels, the inverters, the balance of the systems equipment, the time to design and install, permits and hopefully a little margin for the contractor.  It often seems

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