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Top 3 things That Annoy Coachella Valley Residents That Actually Shouldn’t

Top 3 things That Annoy Coachella Valley Residents That Actually Shouldn’t

Top 3 things That Annoy Coachella Valley Residents That Actually Shouldn’t

Close your eyes (actually leave them open,how can you read with your eyes closed,pshh). Now imagine it’s mid February, you’re driving down HWY111 murmuring expletives to yourself while dodging out of town licence plates making you late for work, school, or heck even your weekly cheat day cheeseburger fix at Keedy’s. Frustration kicks in and you oh so calmly scream out the window “Where did you come from and why are you here”?!

We’ve all done it, or at least had the passing thought of it. So why is it so hard to see the positive in these kinds of situations? What makes the Coachella Valley so special is that we’ve got this hometown feel with just enough hustle and the right amount of bustle. When that balance is out of whack what happens, we freak. With that being said the next time that freak-out is creeping up from within take a breath and try to see the silver lining regarding these occasions.

Canadian Flag.  Photo by Lone Primate Flickr Cc

Canadian Flag.
Photo by Lone Primate Flickr Cc

1) SNOWBIRDS – Yeah we know they may clog the roads a bit and make your wait at local restaurants longer than expected but lets be blunt, most of us DEPEND on seasonal tourism to survive out here! Numbers don’t lie, and according to the Greater Palm Springs CVB, without our “pesky” visitors the average household in the desert would need over $3,000 extra bucks a month lying around to maintain our current level of government aid. Yikes!

Best fan ever, Coachella 14'

Best fan ever, Coachella 14′

2) Coachella Arts and Music Festival – Hipsters, hipsters everywhere.. If i had a dime for every time I’ve heard that! Yes we know traffic grinds to a standstill in some places and yes the occasional inebriated  knucklehead jumps the wrong fence accidentally spending the night in your backyard, cuddling bougainvillea but look.. Coachella Arts and Music Festival has single-handedly given our valley not just national, but global recognition.

That paired with fact that Goldenvoice’s month of festivals (don’t forget Stagecaoch) valley-wide economic impact exceeds $250 million dolla dolla bills ya’ll.

3) Summer – Ok so this one is very simple. The snowbirds are gone, Coachella and Stagecoach is done, Hwy 111 is as clear as Mariah Carey’s voice 10 years ago, and dining out is as easy as, well, just show up and youre good for the most part. Crank that A/C and count those blessings.

Remember, you don’t have to shovel sunshine!

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