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Valley Vibe – Mastering the Staycation

Valley Vibe – Mastering the Staycation

Valley Vibe – Mastering the Staycation

By John-Paul Valdez

Sometimes taking a vacation is just more difficult. The cost of gas or the additional cost of an airplane ticket, and the lost part of your vacation in getting to and from your destination can all be factors. Also, we have jobs, spouses with differing schedules and projects, dogs tdsdc5-63efqsak8gyn7tsmuc_originaland other pets and children all to coordinate in the new economy.

Often, as was the case when I lived in NYC and it took me 3 years to get to the Statue of Liberty, some of the best spots to see and most pampering can be had right on our own doorstep.

Welcome to the “staycation.” It’s the perfect solution, and when you live in a resort area like ours, there are many fantastic choices.

Some of the ones that have been featured before are places like The Saguaro and The Riviera that have published rates for locals that beat their regular rates. The Saguaro has a $65 M-T  ($119 F-S) rate, and the Riviera is about twice that at $157 M-T  ($473 F-S). The Viceroy has mixed reviews on TripAdvisor but remains a favorite of mine. Certainly their Citron restaurant is a winner.

So much of our desert valley experience can be had without a hotel at all.

The restaurants sometimes compete with those of a much larger city, and there are new ones opening up constantly right now. My old favorite is Spenser’s.  Pho Vu seems a hot spot right now however. I also loved the soft opening of the Hacienda Cantina. They have the world’s best fajita (skirt steak) tacos.

226592_194847663891724_741774_nFor regular everyday dining out, I still depend on Matchbox. Lunch specials create a whole market unto itself. Thai Smile is a favorite. The lunch prices at Kaiser Grill make for a real steal of a deal until 3pm.

Trios has been getting a lot of great press lately, and that is well deserved.  Their co-owned entertainment spot called The Purple Room is featuring some A-Lister acts these days at bargain prices For true theatre, nothing beats the McCallum. Check the schedules for all these places, and book ahead.

The Coachella Valley isn’t the sleepy little town you left.

Museum night is Thursday nights, and you can get into the museum’s surprisingly challenging permanent collection for free from 4 to 8pm. This is also true of the second Sunday of each month.

Finally, sometimes, going somewhere isn’t really needed at all. Sometimes, just getting some attention will release years of stress and bring much needed relief.

Two Bunch Palms resort in DHS is probably one of the valley’s most prestigious wellness treatment centers on many levels. Massage, yoga, mud packs, mineral baths, and a list of services only the pampered few have ever had the time to enjoy can be yours with all that money you save by taking a staycation.

Remember, you are helping the local economy grow and keeping jobs and lowering crime with every dollar you spend here over spending it elsewhere.

So help yourself to a luxurious staycation! You deserve it.

Questions and comments…Email John-Paul at JohnPaulValdez@gmail.com

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