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Hundred’s of Coachella Valley businesswomen take part in Executive Women’s Day

Hundred’s of Coachella Valley businesswomen take part in Executive Women’s Day

Hundred’s of Coachella Valley women take part in Executive Women’s Day

by Meachele Campbell/CoachellaValley.com

Over 100 businesswoman took part in the Executive Women’s Day Tuesday at the Humana Challenge which was sponsored by Astellas Pharma US, Inc.  

Women from all over the Coachella Valley were able to Network, take part in a Think Tank Session, ask questions to a power panel of local executive women, listen to keynote speaker Carey Lohrenz (who is the first female F-14 Tomcat pilot in the US Navy) as well as take a behind the scene tour of the making of the Humana Challenge Tournament.

Denise Wilson – Desert Jet Founder and CEO

The power panel discussion was moderated by CBS Local 2 anchor Brooke Beare, and featured Rain Henderson, CEO of the Clinton Health Matters Initiative; Lisa Houston, President & CEO of FIND Food Bank; and Denise Wilson, Founder & CEO of Desert Jet.  

Desert Jet Founder and CEO, Denise Wilson, shared her greatest investment into herself and her business was the hiring an Executive Coach.   

“Invest into yourself, walk with confidence, be an expert in your field and say “yes” to opportunities that come your way”, says Denise Wilson

Denise shared a very “honest” perspective on what it is to be a women entrepreneur.  She pulled no punches as she answered questions from the audience regarding her successful Desert Jet business and how she is learning to have balance in her life.  

Denise is an avid book reader, has a very supportive husband and isn’t afraid of saying “yes” to great adventure in business and in life.  

“What’s the worst thing that can happen” says Denise.  

I personally appreciate that kind of attitude.  The fact that she would take leaps to grow herself and her business without fear taking over is a testament to her success.  If we do not step outside of our comfort zone then how are we to grow and become stronger women in our field of choice and in our everyday life.

One of the many strengths I found in Denise was her humility and deep care of her staff.  She makes sure her staff has the necessary tools to be the best at what they do.  Denise invests her time and resources into her staff and I believe it is one of the elements that sets Desert Jet apart from the other full-service aviation companies.  

  “My work is my life, their is no separation.  Find balance, understand your worth and be adaptable” Shared Denise 


Carey Lohrenz – First female F-14 Tomcat pilot in the US Navy and Leadership and Strategy Expert

Keynote speaker, Leadership and strategy expert, Carey Lohrenz also provided some great nuggets of wisdom (I am all about nuggets of wisdom)

  • If you lose sight, you lose the fight
  • Don’t be afraid to fail
  • Fear hates focus
  • Feel the fear but it anyway
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

Carey Lohrenz book, “Fearless Leadership: High-Performance Lessons from the Flight Deck.” is a great read and must if you are a in any type of leadership role.  One of my favorite parts of the book is when she shared on page 38 regarding naysayers and fear.

She says, “Learn to distinguish between the people who succeed because of and the people who succeed in spite of.  You always have a choice……It all comes down to whether you choose to tune out the naysayers, feel the fear and go for it anyway.”  

Her book is full of pages with great and practical advice and if your like me…..it will be highlighted from front to back!

Executive Women’s Day was a great experience.  It allows women to make new contacts, get advice to help them both personally and professionally and most of all it reminds us that we are not meant to go through life alone.  Remember this…We Are Better Together!

To find our more about Carey Lohrenz please visit: https://careylohrenz.com/

To find out more about Desert Jet please visit: https://www.desertjet.com/


Humana Executive Women’s Day Group Photo



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