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Hike Tahquitz Canyon Falls – Hike Palm Springs

Hike Tahquitz Canyon Falls – Hike Palm Springs

Did You Know The Coachella Valley Has A 50ft Waterfall?

Check Out Tahquitz Falls

When you see this 50 foot waterfall you will be immediately impressed. For Southern California I would say this is one of the better waterfalls in the area. It falls beautifully over the rock face and down into a pretty deep pool. The pool also has a large rock that you can swim out to and climb on if you feel so inclined.

Tahquitz Falls - Palm Springs, CA Don Zevchek

Tahquitz Falls – Palm Springs, CA Don Zevchek

If you want to go all the way out to the rock know that you will be in water up to your chest, and the rock itself looked pretty hard to pull yourself up. 

Did you know – Tahquitz Falls (Water Falling Down) Originally named Pal hani kalet by Ca wis ke on ca, leader of the Fox Tribe who first settled here over 2000 years ago. This is a place of power. When you enter you are tired and weak, when you leave you are rejuvenated and energized.

Tahquitz Falls 1920's

Tahquitz Falls 1920’s

A few points of interest along the trail …

  1. Kak wa wit (Mouth of the Canyon) Entrance to Tahquitz Canyon. Named over 3000 years ago by Evonganet “Great Chief” of the Cahuilla people.
  2. Mi as kalet (A Grey Top) A large, white-tipped rock standing in the middle at the mouth of Tahquitz Canyon. Named by Ca wis ke on ca, leader of the Fox Tribe, who first settled here.
  3. Sacred Rock One of the oldest Cahuilla village sites. Rock art and bedrock mortars mark this sacred place. Artifacts found here date back 1000-1600 years ago.
  4. Cow is ic ela (The Fox’s Dress) A large rock sits on a huge boulder. Legend tells of  a young maiden who had the power to turn herself into the rock that bears her name.
  5. Tong wen neval (Place of Wasted Mescal) Remnants of the Lebacho – Tahquitz Creek ditch mark this area. Originally built in 1830 by the Cahuilla to bring water from the canyon to the village for drinking and irrigation.
  6. U.S. Geological Survey Gaging Station Built in 1947 by the USGS, it is still being monitored today.
  7. Green Tree Pool This is the overlook to Green Tree Pool, the site where a young Cahuilla maiden of the Fox Tribe was abducted and returned by Tahquitz, Guardian Spirit of all shamans.
  8. Cock wo wit (Piled Boulders) An ancient rock shelter where the oldest artifacts were found, dating over 2000 years ago.

After taking a bunch of pictures and enjoying the serenity, make the loop back on the trail. The way back provides some beautiful views of the canyon with the city in the background.

Tahquitz Creek by Bob Linton

Tahquitz Creek by Bob Linton

 It may feel weird to pay for a 2 mile hike, that being said we doubt you will be disappointed with your decision. 

Starting Oct. 1, the Canyons are open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. Beginning July 7, Tahquitz Canyon and the Indian Canyons will only be open to the public 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through Sept. 30.

For more details please visit https://www.tahquitzcanyon.com/   Video by desertnut


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