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Hike to the Palm Desert Cross, Never Disappoints!

The Hike to Palm Desert Cross. From Homme Park off Thrush Street this 3 mile round trip hike is a local favorite that never disappoints.

The Palm Desert Cross Hike - A Local Favorite - Taken by the Coachella Valley Team September 2, 2014

The Palm Desert Cross Hike – A Local Favorite – Taken by the Coachella Valley Team September 2, 2014

This is a dog and family friendly hike that climbs over 600 ft to huge lit cross at the top with a view to Santa Rosa Mountains to the South and the Coachella Valley to the North and East. 

Full Lunar Eclipse made the climb all the more spectacular!!

This hike is also a full moon favorite. The recent Solar Eclipse was stunning above the cross. You don’t have to wait for a Lunar Eclipse to enjoy this hike day or night, moon or sky, this hike never disappoints.

Its doable in the summer because its on the East side of the mountain and hills blocking the sun in the afternoon and easily hiked at night as well. Bikes, Horses and Dogs are all allowed and at the top is a view to the Stone Eagle Golf Course nestled deep into the nooks and grannies of Bighorn Sheep Country.  Takes about an 1 hr roundtrip.

The Palm Desert Cross Hike

The Palm Desert Cross Hike – A Local Favorite – Taken by the Coachella Valley Team September 2, 2014

To get there go South on Monterey Ave. from Highway 111 in Palm Desert.  Monterey becomes Highwayy 74 as you cross over El Paseo Drive in 1/4 mile. Continue South another mile or so on Hwy 74 and make a right on Thrush Street.

If you hit haystack you’ve gone to far. Thrush ultimately winds towards the mountains after 1/4 mile.

Continue straight towards the mountains until you cross over a small bridge that goes over the flood control wash.

Make a right and park anywhere along the wash next 1/4 mile at Homme Park.   You can’t miss the cross on the hill and the trail head is clearly marked.

Cover photo by Spencer Baker

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