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Did you know the Coachella Valley is home to the International Banana Museum?

Did you know the Coachella Valley is home to the International Banana Museum?

Coachella Valley’s International Banana Museum

International Banana Museum

International Banana Museum

In the museum you will find every type banana related items you can possibly think of  and even some you’ve never thought of!!!

Escape to the most aPEELing destination on the planet the International Banana Museum. Here you will find the world’s largest collection devoted to any one fruit. We have over 20,000 banana related items to marvel at. We are located in North Shore California by the infamous Salton Sea and quickly becoming one of the must see sites in the Coachella Valley.


We have salt n pepper shakers, hangers, staplers, ties, compasses, pins, buttons, lotions, candles, toys, harmonicas, planters, cookie jars, statues, ash trays, pipes, dolls, squirt guns, matches, cards, blow ups, glasses, mugs, socks, shirts, hats, pencil sharpeners, earrings, necklaces, rings, charms, key chains, records, videos, books, slippers, art, soap, soap dishes, perfume, sun tan lotion, lip gloss, body cream, towels, games, patches and even a record player shaped like a banana.

International Banana Museum - Makes great Banana Shakes!

International Banana Museum – sit at our banana bar and try one of our world famous banana shakes

Really the list just goes on and on. We also have bananas made from stone , glass, plastic, metal, alabaster, paper machet, resin, wood and even jade. Guests have told me that there are so many items that they find it hard to absorb it all!!!

While you are here, you may like to sit at our banana bar and try one of our world famous banana shakes or  banana soda ice cream floats. We also have hand dipped ice cream, chocolate covered frozen bananas and banana splits of coarse among a variety of other banana flavored treats and four different types of banana soda pop!!!

International Banana Museum is located at  – 98775 State Hwy 111, Mecca, CA 92254, USA 619-840-1429





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