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Death Valley Jim

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Route 66 Roadtrip: Amboy, CA

It has been widely believed that Amboy’s beginnings can be traced to the Southern Pacific Railroad, or even the world-famous Route 66. In actuality the earliest beginnings go back to 1858, when miners began to extract salt from Bristol Dry

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Something stinks…it’s The Salton Sea

Smelling Rotten Eggs? Blame The Salton Sea Elevated levels of hydrogen sulfide at Salton Sea prompts odor advisory. UPDATE: ALERT: Odor Advisory From Salton Sea Extended … Again The advisory was originally set to expire Tuesday morning, then was extended

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Joshua Tree Car Wash

Joshua Tree Car Wash – Not a Real Car Wash By Death Valley Jim If you’ve spent any significant time around Joshua Tree, you’ve likely heard a rumor about the “Joshua Tree Car Wash.” No, not an actual car wash,

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Destroying our Desert in the name of “Green” Energy

I’m not passionate about a lot of things – but those things that I am, are closely related to the desert, whether it be historical or cultural elements, biological, or environmental. It hasn’t always been this way, as a teenager

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Renewable Energy: The Worst of the worst: Bechtel’s Soda Mountain Solar Project

Renewable Energy:  The Worst of the worst: Bechtel’s Soda Mountain Solar Project Many recreational users who I know: off-roading enthusiasts, rock hounds, hunters, backpackers and hikers have watched as federal land policy has resulted in a renewable energy gold rush

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Salvation Mountain – A Potential Environmental Nightmare Lying in Wait?

By Death Valley Jim For many years I have been asked, “Jim, have you been to Salvation Mountain?” Which I’ve quickly answered, “No, but it looks interesting. It just isn’t very high on my list of places that I want

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Exploring the desert full time for the past 3 years, Death Valley Jim has found the time to write 8 books on his findings; adventuring at times for 2 weeks or more deep into places that most of us will

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