Help Find Zoe Campos

by Coachella Valley | May 17, 2016 4:33 pm

Zoe Campos - Have you seen me?[1]

Zoe Campos – Have you seen me?

Zoe Campos was just 18 years old when she was taken from her family, a family who has been broken and living a nightmare since her disappearance on November 17,2013.  Zoe’s family is close to Coachella Valley’s Media Director and as such we are doing everything we can to help bring Zoe Home. 

Zoe Campos - Have you seen me?[2]

Zoe Campos – Have you seen me?


Zoe is about 100 pounds, 5ft, with brown eyes and brown hair. She is truly loved by many who deeply miss her and continue to pray for her safe return every day.

Although, her mother has been paying for her flyers and things that have come up, we all know too well how expensive it can get as time goes by, and to get anywhere in her case we have to try to use all resources possible. Zoe’s car which is PART OF THE BIGGEST PIECE OF THE PUZZLE TO THIS CASE, HAS YET TO BE PROCESSED.

After hours and hours of searching for Zoe, shortly after she became missing, her Aunt spotted her car from an unknown driver. She followed the car, but lost them for only a few short minutes, when catching up with them, the driver escaped from the vehicle and fled. After calling 911, it took LPD almost 2 hours to get to the scene.

Not only was the car not processed, but the suspect had gotten away. With so many unanswered questions, with so many mistakes, and after 2 1/2 years, WE ARE NEEDING TO GET THIS CAR PROCESSED.

There may be FINGERPRINTS THAT LEAD US TO A SUSPECT, THERE MAY BE DNA THAT COULD HELP GET ANOTHER STEP FURTHER IN THIS CASE TO HELP BRING ZOE HOME!!!Keep Hope Alive!!! Today it is Zoe, tomorrow it could be one of our kids!!!Thank you and God Bless!!!

SIGN THE PETITION ONLY 227 needed to reach 2,500 and the Petition will then be sent to the Lubbock, Texas Police[3]



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