“Wicked on the Waves” hit the waters this Halloween πŸŽƒ 2020 Enjoy…

by Publisher CoachellaValley | November 1, 2020 11:42 pm

“Wicked on the Waves” hit the waters this Halloween πŸŽƒ 2020. Enjoy Courtesy Mercury News

Getting wicked on the waves is a so very a Southern California way to celebrate Halloween – and this year there was no shortage of spooky surfers who hit the water.

The tradition has been held at Blackies in Newport Beach for 17 years, and new this year was a gathering in San Clemente that brought out costumed surfers at Linda Lane Beach.

The sight is a show stopper for spectators on the sand who hoot and holler as most of the soaked surfers’ costumes get thrashed quickly in the surf.

Masks were worn and surfers tried to stay six feet from each other – not just for coronavirus concerns but also to avoid smashing their boards into one another while taking party waves together.

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