Super Rare Avalanche, North Face of San Jacinto

by Publisher CoachellaValley | June 1, 2023 12:08 am

SUPER RARE – Earlier today an avalanche was observed on the north face of San Jacinto from the 10 freeway.

Super Rare Avalanche on North Face of San Jacinto

📷 Joyce Schwartz – From Riverside Mountain Rescue Unit Facebook Page

Schwartz said her and a friend were driving west on Interstate 10, making their way to Palm Springs.  As they neared the Highway 111 cutoff near 9 a.m. her friend saw the snow coming off the peak as the avalanche gave way.

Heavy snowfall with the addition of wind on steep slopes over 30 degrees will have a high risk of avalanches.

Fishermans Grotto Now Open till Midnight[1]

Please stay away from these areas until the snow has time to settle and the risk decreases.

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  1. Fishermans Grotto Now Open till Midnight:

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