Saddening news. Opening of Krispy Kreme delayed in Rancho Mirage.

by Publisher CoachellaValley | May 22, 2018 11:45 am

Rancho Mirage residents, the Krispy Kreme you so desired is going to have to wait a few months.

It was supposed to open up in the early summer or fall of 2018 but now, sadly, 2019 will be the year it comes through to you. Early 2019, at least. Ana Ortiz of Great Circle Family Foods said that the pushback is due to construction delays. More specific details could not be released. I doubt it’s a conspiracy against donut consumption, though.

[1] “It is my understanding that they experienced some construction delays early on, which is not uncommon for these types of projects” said Jeremy Gleim, Rancho Mirage development services director,  “The site is currently under construction however, which is great news.”

But I mean isn’t it worth the wait? It will be the first Krispy Kreme in Coachella Valley and will have a drive-thru. Tens of thousands of donuts a day is the projected production rate. It will bring plenty of jobs. Cool. And it will be in a great location, the new Monterey Marketplace 2 shopping center. Just don’t sneak any donuts into the theater.

‘Til then, which is a while, check out the local bakery you’ve been curious about and see what they might have to offer. Or if you really want, go on a short road trip to one of the other locations in So Cal. Sweet success arrives early 2019 sometime, so be patient!

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