Relationships, Change Your Thinking… Change Your Life, are You ready?

by Coachella Valley | August 8, 2018 1:47 pm

Change Your Thinking…Change Your Life
are You ready?

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Relationships, Mental Health and The Mighty Mind.

Gay Patricia Matheson

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Outside of the box solutions for real life challenges. I’m not a shaman, feminist, or a guru. I’m a successful woman, who has created a fabulous relationship and a thriving career for over twenty years. How?

By overcoming obstacles, with common sense, ingenuity, and perseverance. I’d love to share my methods of success with you.

OUR FIRST MEETING IS ON ME. We need to be a good fit to get the great results your looking for! I didn’t just step into this life fresh out of college. I’ve tasted failure as well as success, both as an employee and an entrepreneur. I like the taste of success best! Let’s talk.

I am a hands-on, interactive therapist, I work with most psychological disorders in individuals, as well as implementing novel approaches in my work with couples. As a licensed coach, I provide ongoing collaborative efforts designed to reach and maintain my client’s goals; personal or business.

Tired of reliving “groundhogs day?” Get off the hamster wheel, expand your limits to achieve the extraordinary life you deserve. I’ll help you get there. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or be born with a silver spoon in your mouth. It’s not about your education and it’s not about your family’s money. It’s about your commitment to excellence!

Take the first step to help. Call or  Gay Patricia Matheson now – (760) 772-4566[3]


Additional Credentials

Gay Patricia Matheson – L.M.F.T

License #37294

Take the first step to help. Call or  Gay Patricia Matheson now – (760) 772-4566[3]

My journey to become a psychotherapist and life coach was a result of my own personal therapy.  My background was business. Though my life was going along well, there was always a feeling that there could be more; that I wasn’t living up to my full potential.  I intuitively knew that I needed new insight and perspectives if I was to change anything.  Therapy furnished me with new skills and strategies while enabling me to think outside of the box, both personally and culturally.  When you change your thinking, your life WILL change.

I have always been interested in human nature; what makes us tick.  I am fascinated with some individuals who build exciting, successful lives, while others (often smarter and more talented), do not.  What makes the difference?

I believe anyone who truly applies themselves can learn new skills and strategies to dramatically alter their life in a positive way to be happier, more satisfied, and more successful in every area of their life.

The first step is insight, identifying negative patterns and blocks that get in the way of us getting what we want.  Next, we develop new skills and strategies that move us toward our preferred future.  Now we move from reacting to life, to creating a life of our choice. Creating a life carries much more excitement, success, and enjoyment!


I find it difficult to put together just the right words to explain how much Gay Matheson has impacted my life. There are people who come into our lives at just the right moment, and one such person for me has been Gay. I am forever changed and beyond grateful for having met her and for the growth she has helped me to achieve. Gay has helped me through what could easily be described as the most difficult time in my life. She continues to be an integral part of my life, and has been extremely valuable in helping me identify and build on my strengths. With her support, I have also learned how to target areas to work on allowing for more personal growth. I value and appreciate her expertise, insight, empathy and true dedication to her patients. The warmth and comfort she offers is not something I have found with other therapists. I have experienced Gay as my mentor, my counselor, and my life coach. She has provided me with insight and wisdom far beyond my ability to see. For all of this I am truly grateful.

Ms. J. Palm Desert, CA

Gay Matheson is a remarkable life coach that I have been seeing for over a decade now. She has made a tremendous impact on my life by offering guidance to overcome obstacles from my past. She has facilitated personal growth and healing, as well as effective strategies regarding my marriage, parenting, and even business coaching. She’s helped me to find clarity in my hectic, stressful career. Gay’s demeanor is always warm and welcoming. She is honest, thoughtful, and her willingness to deeply connect with her clients shows how much she truly cares. I highly recommend Gay Matheson to anyone looking to cultivate happiness, find inner peace, or to improve the overall quality of life.

Take the first step to help. Call or  Gay Patricia Matheson now – (760) 772-4566[3]

Mr. M, Palm Desert, CA

Brilliant, fantastic, intelligent, focused…these and many other words and attributes describe Gay. Referred to her by a friend, I was skeptical, but that lasted all of 10 minutes. She is such a professional, with intuition and listening skills that are superb. In short order she was able to find the trouble points through an intuitive approach, unlike any I have ever seen. Her experience and ability to read the situation is both comforting and rewarding on so many levels. She is gentle, yet subtly and brutally honest, forcing me to think beyond my own biases. I would highly recommend her to anyone who may be troubled or need the help of one of the best professionals I’ve ever met. Cognitive therapy and life coaching is a crowded profession, and she definitely leads the field. Now guess what? I’ve never even met her in person, it’s all been done by telephone. Remarkable…I’m just so lucky to have her.

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Episode 2 – Why does it Always end in a big fight?

Dear Psyche Support,

When my boyfriend and I have a disagreement it always turns into a big fight and we never solve anything. Both of us are hot and fiery. After awhile we calm down and gradually start talking again. But it always leaves me a little less trusting, a little less able to be honest and vulnerable with my feelings. Karen in La Quinta

Take the first step to help. Call or  Gay Patricia Matheson now – (760) 772-4566[5]

Episode 3 –  Dear PS she makes me late every-time…. how can she not understand? (10 mins)

Take the first step to help. Call or  Gay Patricia Matheson now – (760) 772-4566[5]

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