Owning a Vacation Home Easier Than Ever!

by Publisher CoachellaValley | November 9, 2022 12:51 am

Have you ever dreamed about Owning a Vacation Home at the Beach, the Desert or the Mountains?

by Bob Marra / CoachellaValley.com

In most cases, when you run the numbers, it just doesn’t pencil out, especially when you consider that studies have shown that vacation homes are used less than 20% of the time by their owners.

VPP seems to be the most innovative by offering more property choices, usage, flexibility, and benefits.[2]

A few upstart companies, led by Pacaso.com and VacationPropertyPartners.com ( VPP)[3] are shaking up the industry by making vacation home ownership more affordable. VPP seems to be the most innovative by offering more property choices, usage, flexibility, and benefits.

Now you can own a Vacation Home in the Coachella Valley, or anywhere in the USA at Half the Cost!

Coachella Valley[4] is one of Vacation Property Partners[5]’ target markets. Driving distance from many Southern California metro regions, the Greater Coachella Valley Area offers world-class golf, tennis, hiking, dining, shopping, spas, fashion, food and resort living and so much more.

“Amazon changed how you can buy things and Uber changed how you can get around town, we’re changing how you can own a vacation home,” says VPP[6].

“We’re harnessing the power of co-ownership, by sharing the costs, making vacation home ownership more affordable by literally cutting the costs in half… half the purchase price, half the mortgage, half the taxes, half the insurance, half the fees, half the utilities and half the maintenance while providing probably all the usage you want and need.

Now get TWICE the vacation home you thought you could afford. It’s not a timeshare, it’s not fractional ownership; it’s two co-owners partners on one property with exclusive ownership, shared usage, and total control.

Only Vacation Property Partners Offers These Unique Benefits:

Unique “3D” Financial Protection

Exclusive access to financial protection for up to one year of property expenses in case of:

• Death
• Divorce
• Disability

Home Protection [7]

Your Personalized “Letter of Understanding”

A proprietary, dynamically generated document that addresses almost every conceivable issue including usage, rentals, management, allocation of expenses and exit strategy.

Agreement Details [8]

Exclusive MasterPLNR Management System

Allows you and your co-owner to easily schedule stays, rentals, budget, manage expenses, track vendors and more.


Cash Rebate on Your Vacation Home Purchase!

Up to ½% CASH rebate on your vacation home purchase when you use one of our top local referred buyers’ agents!

See how much cash you can get back at escrow!

Calculate Rebate [10]

Free “Vacation Home Expense” Calculator

See exactly how much your vacation really costs and how much co-ownership will save you.

Expense Budgeting[11]

Preferred Lenders

VPP[12] offers access to preferred lenders familiar with the co-ownership purchase of vacation homes.


Your New Vacation Home is Now your Passport for FREE Vacations Around The World!

A free one-year membership to HomeExchange.com is now included with your vacation home purchase!

Unused time at your vacation home can be exchanged for UNLIMITED home exchanges anywhere in the world at no cost to you!


In Essence: VacationPropertyPartners.com[13] functions much like a dating site…

Like-minded, compatible members use proprietary technology to confidently connect to create co-ownership opportunities.

It makes a lot of sense to harness the power of co-ownership to match parties that are looking for vacation homes. Services such as Zillow, Redfin, and Trulia already are well-established when it comes to listing homes for sale. But for co- ownership, real estate experts agree that finding the right partner is probably more important than finding the right home.

The traditional methods for finding a vacation home co-owner have been to reach out to friends and family, but that usually ends up with responses like “Why don’t you buy the vacation home and we’ll come to visit”.

Now, through its one-stop-shop website at www.VacationPropertyPartners.com[14], VPP can effectively and efficiently assist with the search both for potential co-owners and properties, including existing vacation homeowners who are seeking to bring in a co-owner so they can take out some equity, cut their monthly expenses and still get as much usage as they need.


VPP combines curated and online member “matching” to help meet location and usage preferences, interests, and expectations.

And on their own or with the assistance of top buyers’ real estate agents in our network, VPP Members can buy ANY vacation home ANYwhere at ANY price. Through their network of top agents nationwide and existing vacation homeowners seeking co-owners, clients have access to vacation homes not even on the market AND receive a “Buyer’s Rebate” not available elsewhere.

It makes sense that co-owners would want to be like-minded when it comes to selecting the vacation home, agreeing on usage allocation, furnishing styles, administration of renting, arranging for maintenance, paying dues, and other financial tasks. These, and other often neglected, but critically important before they become issues, are the considerations of an exit strategy, possible disputes, and other “what-if” scenarios.

Co-ownership establishes a legal, ongoing relationship…

Years of experience and talking to property partners have given VPP insight into most of the concerns people might have about the co-ownership of a vacation home.

Using VPP’s proprietary step-by-step, online Q&A process, co-owners can easily create their own personalized “Letter of Understanding” that reflects how they want to address almost every conceivable issue that may arise.

It’s easily modifiable so that it always reflects how co-owners define their relationship.

The Letter of Understanding is not intended to create a binding legal document, but rather to give the co-owners the opportunity to discuss and agree in principle to many of the issues that can arise during their partnership.

VPP[6] envisions the co-ownership model growing exponentially as more people become aware of the benefits, ease, and security of the process. The primary audience is expected to be 40+, both single and married, who can see the many benefits of this emerging model.

For a limited time, VPP is waiving the joining fee of $150 for early adopters who would like to register to create a partner profile and have full access to the site. There’s no cost or obligation to join.[16]

Visit: VacationPropertyPartners.com[17] to start your journey to vacation home co-ownership or to generate equity from a vacation home property you already own.

Call or Text – 800.832.9714 to get more information or answers to any and all your questions.


The founder of Vacation Property Partners[18] is Ed Kushins. Ed began a successful career as an entrepreneur after his service as a Submarine Officer in the US Navy.

Vacation Property Partners Ed Kushins Founded Home Exchange.

In 1992 he founded HomeExchange.com[19], the company that helped pioneer the sharing economy before that term was even coined and was one of the first online communities.

The site was featured in the movie “The Holiday”, starring Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black… the two women used the then “new” internet to connect to trade their Los Angeles and English homes over a Christmas holiday.

After selling HomeExchange.com in 2017, Ed took some time off but saw the opportunity for blending home ownership and home sharing to allow many more families to realize their dream of owning a vacation home. He created VPP[20] as another community based on trust that uses a simple concept and easy-to-use website to change people’s lives for the better.

“With HomeExchange, I spent 25 years honing how to introduce and promote a new concept and easy-to-use platform that offered previously unavailable benefits while overcoming skepticism and trust issues about sharing their home with a “stranger”. I like to think we laid the groundwork for the success of Airbnb and VRBO and we intend to do the same for the world of vacation home ownership.”

Call or Text – 800.832.9714 or Click to get more information or answers to any and all your questions.




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