#National – Oregon becomes FIRST U.S. State to decriminalize all hard drugs; heroin, LSD, meth, shrooms, cocaine, ecstasy… more

by Publisher CoachellaValley | November 5, 2020 5:16 am

Possession of small amounts of all drugs has been decriminalized.

Oregon became the first state to decriminalize all hard drugs including heroin, cocaine and meth in a 59-41% vote as of early Wednesday morning, according to the Associated Press.

The bill reads:

The “Drug Addiction Treatment and Recovery Act” will transition Oregon’s drug policy from a punitive, criminal approach to “a humane, cost-effective, health approach.”

“People suffering from addiction are more effectively treated with health care services than with criminal punishments,” .

“A health care approach includes a health assessment to figure out the needs of people who are suffering from addiction, and it includes connecting them to the services they need.”

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Instead of treating drug users as criminals, Oregon will now offer them addiction services funded by marijuana tax revenue, which is more than $100 million a year in the state.

Smaller amounts of drugs are decriminalized:

Criminal penalties for possession of these amounts are replaced with a fine of up to $100, which can be waived if the user is evaluated at Addiction Recovery Centers.

Crimes that are associated with drug use, such as manufacturing drugs, selling drugs and driving under the influence, are still criminal offenses.

More than 100 organizations endorsed the measure, including the Oregon Chapter of the American College of Physicians, Oregon Nurses Association, Oregon School Psychologists’ Association, Oregon Academy of Family Physicians, the ACLU and others.

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