Nostalgia PS Secret Pop Up Gallery!

by Coachella Valley | October 16, 2014 7:11 pm

Modernsim Pop up bonus!

Modernism week always brings fresh, exciting and sometimes unpredictable goodies to Palm Springs. The Coachella Valley team was checking out the Vintage Yard Sale when curiosity took over.

A curious trail of feet lead the way![1]

A curious trail of feet lead the way!

While rummaging through tupperware, vintage clothing, and free doughnuts something peeked our curiosity. A small trail of orange footprints lead our minds around the corner. Hmmm…what would you do? Well we decided to follow these little guys and ended up in Palm Springs nostalgia heaven.

The feet lead us into a surprise pop up gallery of vintage, some one of a kind movie posters. All posters include stars that once lived in and around Palm Springs California.

The King Himself![2]

The King Himself!

We had a pleasure to chat briefly with Jim Cook, the collections owner and needless to say this is a lifetime passion he’s had for some time.

CV– How did you develop this passion for movie posters?

Jim Cook– “Well when I was fourteen years old my dad got me my first movie poster and off I went”!

On display were around 20 posters and we assume there’s a heck of a lot more where that came from. Thanks Jim Cook for the tour and for sharing this gallery with the Coachella Valley.

For any collectors or curious people such as myself take minute to visit the NostalgiaPS Website for a full look at these classic posters!

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