Coachella Valley Roadtrippin- Lake Henshaw and Mt. Palomar Observatory -Take a Day and Play!

by Francoise Rhodes | September 3, 2018 5:37 pm

Lake Henshaw and Mt. Palomar Observatory Take a Day and Play!

By Françoise Rhodes – Host of Traveling With Françoise Television and Radio

Mt Palomar Observatory

Mt Palomar Observatory

I’m always amazed at the places that are so close to where we live, yet we often don’t bother taking the time to explore.

Case in point Highway 74 to 371 towards Julian, Borrego Springs, Ramona and more. This delightfully scenic route is dotted with historic site markers (stop and read a few), an area named French Valley, a plethora of charming and small mountain communities, a hang glider airport, ranches, wineries and many surprises.

As you’ll see in the television episode my goal was to find out what makes Lake Henshaw so much fun for fly fishermen, families, and outdoor enthusiast, and then be fascinated by Mt. Palomar Observatory (which is free and open daily to the public) up the hill.

Make sure and stop by Mother’s Kitchen before or after visiting the observatory because no food is available at the top of the mountain. I give tips throughout the show to make your experience a fun one, either going solo, with a partner or the family; it’s a fun day trip for all.

Lake Henshaw –[1]

Mt. Palomar Observatory –[2]

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