Valley Vibe – iPhone 6 and 6 plus….Rocking your world?

by Coachella Valley | September 9, 2014 3:10 pm

iPhone 6 and 6 plus….Rocking your world?

John Paul Valdez –

Wow, today’s new iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus rocked the world, well 308 countries anyway. These phones and the excitement will also add to the explosive growth we are seeing in the Coachella Valley.

Why? It’s the new de facto status symbol that is accessible. You don’t need a Mercedes or a big house or a Cartier watch to own the highest end reach into new technologically with a new iPhone. Welcome to a newer technologically based society that requires everyone to own a smart phone of some kind.

Regardless of your choice of a smart phone, look for exponential increases in iPhone-6-render[1]the “apps (“applications”) that make the smart phone a permanent part of our future. Most of us are used to apps like FaceBook or perhaps Instagram, but the newer apps change the world at the press of a button.

Have you discovered OpenTable yet? You’ll get a hundred points every time you eat out.  You’ll get 50 bucks in a check when you hit 5000 points. That’s 50 outings. Many families (and almost all visitors) eat out more than once a day. Some restaurants offer 1000 point dinner options. People want instant access to the information on the latest places, and online newer restaurants are available instantly.

Try WAZE as the newest GPS app. It shows the cops and accidents out on the road as well as temporary road closures like those that happened during the rain these past few days. That’s a considerable amount of new instant info you didn’t have in older GPS apps.

Need a ride to your restaurant from your hotel? Have you discovered UBER yet? This ride sharing app has you saving money over call a traditional cab and riding in a nicer car to get to your destination.

And , what about the hotel? If you haven’t gotten the deal that makes your Greater Palm Springs weekend get-away as economic and fabulous as you’d like it to be, you may want to try a stay at an AirBnB (an abbreviation for Internet Bed and Breakfast) property that features less expensive stays in sometimes owner occupied properties that still give you a luxury stay at far less cost. For discounts on traditional hotel bookings you may want to try Trivago among others.

Many of the apps that are making the world’s newest and youngest billionaires are based on asset sharing. In the case of UBER each participant in the application, rider and driver alike, is sharing the cost of the car if looked at in the long term of the asset. That leaves a smaller footprint and saves money for both parties. It makes for a more efficient economy. The same is true of AirBnB that avoids having to compete with traditional hotels. Why shouldn’t your guests share a part of the expense of your home?

This is what is meant by “disruptive” technology. America is the home of innovation, and the new iPhone is a great example.

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