Get TRASHED at Coachella!

by Coachella Valley | March 23, 2016 10:54 am

Get TRASHED at Coachella

Designed by Jose Jimenez[1]

Designed by Jose Jimenez

Check out Global Inheritance’s TRASHed Coachella Hall of Fame Collection:

Launched in 2004, the TRASHed (Trash Education) Recycling program is a Global Inheritance original initiative that has sparked a recycling revolution at festivals around the world. What began as a nonprofit’s passion project to help keep festivals clean has evolved into a staple program that has graced many of the biggest events in sports and music.

Designed by Maxfeild Bala[2]

Designed by Maxfeild Bala

Global Inheritance is proud of the countless individuals, artists, partners, volunteers, event producers and motivated recyclers who have helped evolve these programs over the past 10 years into what they are today. From the Art of Recycling to the Recycling Store, creating positive experiences that last beyond the events is top priority for the organization.

Daisuke Okamoto[3]

Designed by Daisuke Okamoto

Redesigned recycling bins will be donated to schools after the festival.

See who will take the stage for TRASHed :: Art of Recycling 2016?

Designed by Nick Menacho

Designed by Nick Menacho

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