· LED Light Bulbs.
· Energy Star Rated Appliances.
· Ceiling Fans (Energy Star Rated).
· Dimmers.
· Install all-off Plugs (one button and all the vampire loads are turned off, great for homes that go for periods of time unoccupied.)
· Tell your kids to go outside and play/ work rather than play video games (some of the games take loads close to a refrigerator.)

· A Clothes Line.
· Adjust sprinklers every 2 months minimum (water takes huge amounts of electricity to be deliver to your home/+ the water is a depleting resources).
· Unplug the Extra Refrigerator / Ice Maker when not needed.
· Full loads of laundry.
· Wash small loads of dishes by hand, air dry on the dishwasher racks.
· Turn off and unplug the TV.
· Get rid of your plasma for LED with power saving options.
· A Power conditioner.
· Use your Programmable Thermostat.
· Variable speed pool pump/adjust the time of operation according to the season.
· Solar Power
· Window Covering (Especially single pain).
· Solar Screen window film.
· Attic fan.
· Duct testing.
· Radiant barrier.
· Pool cover.
· Shad AC compressor.
· Keep filters clean.
· Insulation. Ceiling, walls, roof, hot water heater.
· Weather stripping.
· Energy monitoring. Via your bill or a device (hint…we have one).
· Think about energy. If it feels bad or wasteful, it probably is.