Coachella Valley’s Valley Vibe – Going UpTown? I am.

by Coachella Valley | September 25, 2014 5:28 pm

Coachella Valley’s Valley Vibe – Going UpTown?  I am.

By John-Paul Valdez

002_22-580x384[1]Palm Springs is one of the Coachella Valley cities that has done a fantastic job of brand marketing.  For example, you’ll see properties for sale in areas referred to “South Palm Springs.” This immediately communicates to the buyer the extra luxury of less windy areas. “Uptown” has become known as the art district with plenty of art gallery and furniture shops to prove it. Other ideas that have ameliorated the charm of each neighborhood are the street sign markers that denote areas like the “Movie Colony” and “Las Palmas” and so forth. Each neighborhood has made its own contribution to the archival history that is Palm Springs, and letting people know where they’re at is a smart way to communicate to visitors in a resort town.

There are so many little boutiques that deserve a closer look uptown. Déjà Vu is a vintage clothing shop that has a wonderful collection of beautiful high end hand selected vintage clothing at a fraction of its original cost. Owner Bill Miller also works as a stylist, and has been featured in Cord Media productions work for several clients. What looks like a tiny shop, right next to Jake’s restaurant (another wonderful discovery if you’re hungry after all that shopping) actually opens up into a private dressing and viewing room to fulfill your wildest desires as a former glamour star… or a present one!

Even as competition stiffens up, each boutique carves a new niche. This is the mark of a successfully marketed city. Koffi has established itself (at several locations in the valley) as the choice for those wishing to avoid the usual Starbucks and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf chains.

10635967_576470969141982_3846768461196995037_n[2]Tonight (Sept 25, 2014), however,  is the unveiling of yet a new concept on this theme.  Ernest Coffee had a “soft” opening in June, but has decided to become a coffee house like no other.  First, they are open until very late, as late as 10pm and midnight all week.  That’s unique for a coffee house.  Further you won’t find the place stuffed full of loud minors because the back of the space is being opened as the Bootlegger Tiki lounge, and they feature freshly squeezed right-before-your-eyes juice premium cocktails and a live DJ.  That will be open until 2am nightly.

The whole idea is the amazing work of the new owner who wanted an adult coffee house and relaxing Tiki lounge for the casual cocktail in the newly established uptown area. This approach will appeal to the savvy city couple or singles who want to go somewhere small, quaint, and uptown. No need to go downtown.

Going uptown? This new café and tiki lounge is on the upper west side on Palm Canyon. Catch a glimpse tonight or any night this week or next.  Palm Springs is showing us a new facet almost every day.

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Deja Vu Vintage Finery
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