Coachella Valley Spotlight – Freelance Photographer Josh Del Making a Name in Entertainment and Fashion

by Coachella Valley | December 27, 2014 2:58 pm

Darling be Darling Magazine[1]

Darling be Darling Magazine

Coachella Valley Spotlight – Josh Del, a Coachella Valley native making a splash in the world of fashion and entertainment as a freelance photographer.

He has won several photography awards and has had his work published in magazines like Vogue Italia, Darling be Darling[2] [3] and many others. 

 “I treat each photograph I take as if it were a painting being readied to be hung in a museum, making sure that everything is in it’s place and the message that is suppose to be conveyed comes through crisp and fluently”, says Josh.  

Keean Menard[4]

Keean Menard

He recently had the opportunity to photograph Keean Menard (a college friend) at the mansion where they filmed the Super Bowl episode of New Girl with Prince.

Josh enjoys taking pictures of the world and the time we spend in it as well as spending time with Courtney Hutton, his fiancé (Wedding date June 2015).  

Although he studied communications at Vanguard University of Southern California and feels blessed to have had the opportunity to do so he goes on to say, “I should have just bought a camera, it would have been a lot cheaper”.  

Josh is extremely close with his parents Matt & Shelly DelGuidice who are owners of Marios Italian Cafe[5] and close friends of[6] founders. 

“My dad has selflessly taken care of and provided for his family for years and continues to do so everyday. He’s given me more than I could ever repay him for and has believed in me even when I haven’t believed in myself… And I must say out of all the dads I’ve ever met, he’s probably my favorite one. 

With such great support and wonderful sense of humor you can be assured this Coachella Valley native will be making a great impact in the world and in his chosen profession.

Check out more of Josh Del’s work in our Photo Gallery[7]

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Hobbies: I love Mexican food, guitars, cars, and popping bubble wrap

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