Coachella Valley Spotlight -13 year old Aviation Photographer Jacob Hough

by Coachella Valley | October 9, 2015 10:17 am

Coachella Valley resident Jacob Hough is already a brilliant photographer and he is only 13.  Yup….13 years old.  After receiving a camera for his birthday, Jacob began to combine photography with his love of airplanes. 

You can see more of Jacobs aviation photos here!

“One day I was watching YouTube videos of planes landing and I kind’ve liked the idea of it, you know plane spotting. So, I asked my Dad to go to the airport and watch planes, So, we went. Later on, maybe a year or so later I got a camera for my birthday and I brought it with me to go plane spotting,” said Jacob Hough.


One of Jacob’s major accomplishments is that he has taken photographs of all three of the President’s arrivals to Palm Springs.  He dreams of one day becoming a pilot. 

Coachella Valley had the pleasure of interviewing Jacob about his passion for photography, planes and his future.

CV: Have you started to take flying lessons yet? If not when?

JH: I have not started flying lessons yet, I plan to start in a few months.

Air Force One touching down in golden light[1]

Air Force One touching down in golden light

CV: What photo equipment do you use?

JH: I use the Nikon D5100.

CV: What do you edit with?

JH: I edit with Photoshop CC.

CV: What photo equipment and editing software do you want if you could have anything?

JH: If I could have any photo equipment, I would want the Nikon D7100 with the 55-300 lens.

CV: What school do you attend?

Westjet's Magic Plane holding short of 31L[2]

Westjet’s Magic Plane holding short of 31L

JH: I attend PDCMS (Palm Desert Charter Middle School)

CVWhat about photography for you makes it special? 

JH: I used to film planes, but photography was a bit more appealing to me. 

CV: Would you ever want to do a photo shoot on our behalf at the Palm Springs Air Museum?

JH: I would love to do a photo shoot! I think a photo shoot on the ramp at PSP would be great!  But unfortunately, TSA might restrict that.

CV: If you could meet one photographer who would it be and why?

JH: One photographer I would like to meet is Sam Chui, he is an aviation photographer like me.  I would like to learn his photography tricks to getting a great shot.

From the winglet's POV on a G650[3]

From the winglet’s POV on a G650

CVIf you could meet one pilot who would it be and why?

JH: A pilot I would want to meet is Captain Sully.  I would like to meet him because it takes a lot of skill to land a plane successfully in a river.

CV: Love the photo with you in the plane. You look like you were made to fly

JH: Lol thanks a lot!  Surprisingly enough, I’m the only one in my family to have an interest in aviation. 

CV: Thank you Jacob – You have inspired us!

You can see more of Jacobs aviation photos here![4]
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