Put Your Cowboy Boots On – We’re Going To Nashville

by Francoise Rhodes | August 4, 2018 4:51 pm

Coachella Valley’s Summer “Travel Series” Continues….

Nashville, Tennessee here comes Traveling With Françoise!

By Françoise Rhodes, host of Traveling With Françoise Television and Radio

Nashville, Tennessee

Adult Customized Tours – ACT-Tours.com[1]
Visit Nashville Tennessee – VisitMusicCity.com[2]
Grayline Bus Tours – Graylinetn.com[3]

My Experience:

Known around the world as ‘Music City USA’ Nashville Tennessee is so much more than music!

With music at the forefront of tourism, tourists should also immerse themselves in history, architecture, sports, river boating, shopping and of course the Grand Ole Opry. 

Thanks to Adult Customized Tours (ACT) my Nashville trip was more than seeing Nashville, it was to show travelers how much fun going on an organized tour can be.  Options abound, and most of the work is done by the tour company.

I loved Nashville, it was vibrant, historic, fast and slowed paced, offering great food and fabulous entertainment on every corner.

Please watch the Nashville TV show and you’ll find out exactly what I’m talking about!  See ya’all later!

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