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by Coachella Valley | August 29, 2014 4:00 pm

Welcome To Your Coachella Valley Life Blog –┬áLets Celebrate!!


Bump & Grind firework[1]

Fireworks at the Palm Desert Civic Center and Fantasy Springs Casino as seen from Bump & Grind in 2014. Photo by CoachellaValley.com

Its been a long time coming Coachella Valley, but the wait is finally over! We here at CoachellaValley.com[2] are thrilled to announce the launch of our new Life Blog, excuse us, YOUR new Life Blog.

Mission statement you ask? If providing the valley with engaging content, breathtaking visuals, exclusive event coverage paired with a dedication to community involvement, then yeah that would probably be it!

However this “Mission Statement” is an ongoing, growing entity that will be filled with content from not only us but you as well! Lets get this straight we’re not a magazine, news station, or a locally published editorial. What we are is an exciting source of all things in and around this beautiful valley with a strong, feverish desire to bring us all together.

That being said we really hope you enjoy this “Home Base” of sorts and look forward to bringing, as well as involving, the community a unique perspective on our beautiful…Coachella Valley!


The Coachella Valley Team[3]

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