A Coachella Valley Afternoon with Daniel de los Reyes of the Zac Brown Band

by Coachella Valley | December 8, 2014 11:49 am

A Coachella Valley Afternoon with Daniel de los Reyes of the Zac Brown Band

by Kat Ballard

Saturday I spent a wonderful afternoon attending a special percussion “Master’s Class” sponsored by Kevin Smith with Indio’s Drum Concepts[1]. It had been a long time since I had the pleasure of the company of a small group of people who love and celebrate music. It felt good and was quite exhilarating.

 Guest instructor was the fabulous Daniel  de los Reyes[2], percussionist with the Zac Brown Band[3]. Not only was he a forthright when speaking about the ups and downs of his career, he was a thoughtful instructor, reaching out to his students with sage advice. I had no idea how many types of percussion instruments there are and their numerous uses.

 He is currently developing a school to help all musicians find their rhythm. It was easy to see he is a natural instructor, which was no doubt inherited from his family. Daniel is a third generation musician.

His grandfather, Walfredo de los Reyes II was a founding member of the Cuban orchestra, Casino de la Playa. Father, Walfredo de los Reyes  and brother ( Jr. ) are well-known and in-demand drummers in Cuba. I can visualize each of those generations passing on their skills, singing and playing with the children.   

  I found Daniel to be highly gifted, warm, genuine and very handsome (smile). The students that attended this class are so fortunate to have instructors of his quality.

 A special thanks goes out to Kevin Smith for bringing musicians of this quality to the Coachella Valley as an inspiration to our youth.   

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