At-Home Ideas To Have A Fun and Safe Halloween This 2020!

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When it comes to spooky fun, there’s no holiday quite like Halloween. This year, it’s important to be able to enjoy this fantastic holiday safely as you enjoy some neighborhood contest ideas, host a party, or collect your sweet candy stash. Whether you’re young or just a kid at heart, there’s no denying that Halloween is a fantastically fun holiday.

If you’re looking for ways to make 2020 something special again through the magic of Halloween, read on for some great ideas and safety tips[2] for a memorable Halloween and fall season.


Have a Halloween Decoration Extravaganza

Making your own Halloween decorations[6] is easy and fun. With a few arts and crafts supplies, you can create your very own spooky décor to enjoy at Halloween[7]. Here are a few ideas to help you get started, but feel free to explore some more on your own, too.

Halloween Pinatas, Anyone?

Pinatas are fun at any time of year, but they’re especially exciting at Halloween when you fill them with your favorite candy. You can make a pinata[8] by wrapping a balloon in strips of newspaper moistened with water and tacky glue. Drape the strips over the balloon and allow everything to dry. Paint your handmade pinata in colors like orange to make a pumpkin or white to make a spooky ghost. You can also apply strips of colored tissue paper to give it more texture. Allow your pinata to dry for about 24 hours, then cut a small hole in the top and fill it with candy. Enjoy a swinging good time as you watch the kids attack it until the candy comes tumbling out.

Where to Celebrate Halloween 2020 in the Coachella Valley, Greater Palm Springs Area[9]

Door-To-Door Trick or Treat Cool Ideas

If your young ones love dressing up as their favorite superheroes, going out and getting as much candy as they can. This year should not be an exception! Decorate each room of your house differently and have your kids knock door by door to ask for candy, so they can feel as if they were trick or treating in the neighborhood.

Make a Candy Graveyard

If you want to social distance this Halloween, set up a spooky candy graveyard in your front or back yard for some safe outdoor fun. Add a variety of décor items like fake tombstones, creepy crawly spiders, and ghosts or skeletons. Once your yard is set up, hide a variety of candy all over the yard and let the kids enjoy the hunt. This is a fun tradition that’s similar to hunting for Easter eggs, and everyone can fill their buckets or bags with sweets without ever having to leave the house. Push lollipops into the ground so they stick up like little headstones. Mix things up by including small toys or plastic Halloween containers filled with candy for a memorable Hallows Eve everyone will love. 

Set up a Trick-or-Treat Driveway Table

Providing candy to your neighbors is a Halloween tradition, but this year it may be challenging to pass out candy in a safe way. If you want to offer some sweet treats this year, set up your own trick-or-treat table in the driveway or garage. Dress up your table with a colorful Halloween-themed tablecloth and some creepy decor. Spread the candy out on the table so trick-or-treaters can grab a few pieces without having to come into direct contact with others. It’s a fun way to ensure that the kids get some candy and can show off their costumes while promoting a healthy and safe Halloween. 

Neighborhood Decorating Contest

Halloween is a fun holiday that kids and adults alike enjoy and getting the whole neighborhood involved would definitely make this one feel like a special one. Everyone can drive through the neighborhood and check out the designs as they vote for their favorites, so make sure to give out prizes for the best houses. 

Pumpkin carving 

It is a Halloween tradition that the entire family will enjoy. So this year think about your favorite characters from movies and tv series and make a creative attempt at making them come alive by carving or painting your pumpkins[10]. Even if you’re not the best artist you will still have loads of fun at the silly attempts, so don’t be shy and give it a try! To ensure that you carve your pumpkins safely[11], only carve them on a sturdy, flat surface and never allow little ones to handle sharp knives. Use a pumpkin carving kit that includes specially designed tools to make your carving easy, safe, and fun at home. 

Quick and Easy Halloween Treat Ideas

Delicious food is part of the fun when attending fall festivals and Halloween parties. This year, you can make a few tasty treats at home that the entire family will love. Here are a few easy, quick, and delicious treats you can make this year:

Cool Activities and Ideas to Keep In Mind

Host Your Own Party.

2020 is presenting new challenges, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy pumpkin festivals and Halloween parties. 

Outdoor Ideas

Children’s Safe Costume Ideas

You can use face coverings by incorporating masks into your child’s Halloween costume. Many companies are selling masks with characters’ mouths printed directly onto the fabric. Whether it’s a favorite movie hero or a cartoon character, you can find a mask your child likes and then design the costume around it. Other ways to use a mask as part of a costume is to wear a black mask and dress like a ninja, pick out a pretty pink mask so your child can dress like a princess, or choose something with a skull face printed on it for a safe and spooky costume.

Whether it’s hosting your own party or holding a Halloween candy scavenger hunt in the backyard, there are plenty of ways you can enjoy this Halloween in a safe, fun way. With the right safety measures[16], this might be a Halloween you and your family will remember for years to come.

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