Follow the Historic Walk Around The Salton Sea

by Coachella Valley | May 4, 2015 4:00 pm

A Historic Walk Around The Salton Sea

By Randy Brown

Everyone says I am crazy to want to walk around the 116 miles of Salton Sea shoreline but I say it’s everyone else that is missing out on what a beautiful and amazing place Salton Sea is!

In June 2015 I will attempt to be the first person to ever walk around the 116 miles of Salton Sea shoreline. My attempt during summer when temperatures reach 120°F will be chronicled for you to follow on this website, Twitter[1], Facebook[2], Google Plus[3] and even in a full-length documentary film planned to be debuted at the 2016 Palm Springs Film Festival.

Please follow along, but I need your help! I need you to spread the word of my adventure, raise awareness for the dying Salton Sea, and contribute to the project.

How you can be part of this adventure:

This is some video of me walking along the shores and desert areas at Salton Sea.

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