2014 FLYING Aviation Expo Parade of Planes

by Coachella Valley | November 2, 2014 5:12 pm

Aviation Parade[1]

Aviation Parade

2014 FLYING Aviation Expo Parade of Planes Downtown Palm Springs

Planes Taxi’d from the Palm Springs International Airport to the Palm Springs Convention Center this morning!
Numerous planes participated and hundreds will be lining the convention center as the event kick started the Aviation Expo.

The event will hosts pilots, industry experts and aircraft enthusiasts while giving attendees the opportunity to see the latest products, speak with experts and see the unveiling of the Triton airplane concept.
I for one look forward to flight simulator, excuse me, the flight training system!
Over 10,000 pilots and aviation enthusiasts are expected to be in attendance for the three-day flying expo(today through Sunday). Tickets are available online at www.aviation-expo.com

Aviation Parade

Aviation Parade

In case you missed it the parade will be in reverse this Sunday!

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