10th Annual Jacqueline Cochran Air Show by Jacob Hough (13yrs. old)

by Coachella Valley | October 26, 2014 3:32 pm

10th Annual Jacqueline Cochran Air Show by Coachella Valley’s youngest contributor Jacob Hough (13yrs. old)

(Thermal, CA) The 10th Annual Jacqueline Cochran Air Show held at the Jacqueline Cochran Regional Airport in Thermal, CA was a definite success.  There were tens of thousands of Coachella Valley residents who attended this fantastic event.

The airshow offered activities for families, several vendors, and of course amazing aerobatic acts!  Bill Braack’s Smoke-N-Thunder Jet Car was an attention grabber after it raced against an AT-6 Texan and won.

It was a great opportunity to get lots of close-up shots of static aircraft, as well as the aircraft performing.

I took several photos today, I chose my favorite ones to share with you!

To see more of my photos, please visit my Flickr page: https://www.flickr.com/photos/pspspotter/

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