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Hike The Coachella Valley Preserve

Hike The Coachella Valley Preserve

The McCallum Trail - A Family Friendly Hike

The McCallum Trail to the McCallum Grove is a very nice hike on a well maintained trail. The McCallum Trail has numbered stops which describe the fan palms, San Andreas Fault, desert pupfish, and various geologic and ecologic features of the preserve. Taking the McCallum Trail from the Visitor Center is about a two-mile round-trip hike, and if you want you can also hike the Moon Canyon Trail which will bring your hike up to over four miles.

McCallum Trail is a 1.5 mile out and back trail located near Thousand Palms, CA. The trail is primarily used for hiking and walking.  The Hike is Easy and enjoyable for all ages. Takes you through the Thousand Palms Oasis and out to McCallum Pond.

When you leave the visitor’s center you will pass through the lush vegetation of Thousand Palms Oasis. Most of the trail in the oasis is on a well maintained raised wooden path above a marshy bottom. There are several ponds in this part of the trail with desert pupfish and other wildlife. After leaving the oasis the trail winds through a sandy wash before reaching McCallum Grove. While the trail is not very strenuous, hiking in the sandy wash can be a little harder.

At the McCallum Grove there is a large pond which is fed by underground springs which are a result of seismic activity along the San Andreas fault. This is a very beautiful lush area, and once again you will see pupfish and other wildlife in the area.

After leaving the McCallum Grove you can take the trail further west. It is slightly uphill, but not very strenuous. You will come to an overlook that provides you with great views of the entire area. From there you can return to the visitor’s center, or continue to the Moon Canyon Trail if you prefer.

For more information on the Coachella Valley Preserve please visit them at coachellavalleypreserve.org

Find more great hiking trails at Hiking-in-ps.com

Cover photo by Eric Jung

McCallum Grove is formed by underground water that makes it way up through many cracks in the San Andreas fault. by Sal Cavazos

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