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Salton Sea

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Salton Sea Restoration Gets $80.5 Million

Salton Sea Restoration Gets $80.5 Million In State Budget It’s the most the state has ever given to California’s largest and most troubled lake The state budget Gov. Jerry Brown signed this week includes $80.5 million for restoration of the Salton Sea

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Salton Sea Mudpot Fields Bubbling Over – Video

Check out this video of all THREE mudpot fields at Salton Sea. By Randy at Saltons Sea Walk COACHELLA VALLEY’S TOP STORIES MORE STORIES THINGS TO DO THIS WEEKEND PHOTO GALLERIES OF ALL OUR SHOOTS The Walker  

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New Mud Pots Boil Over, Salton Sea – California

As the Salton Sea begins to recede these ancient geothermal and seismic phenomenons are reappearing on the Salton Sea shorelines in the Coachella Valley.  These are very hot and will cause serious burns and even death!!! ======================= MORE VIDEOS THAT

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Coachella Valley Family Favorite – Candy Cane Lane!!

Coachella Valley Family Favorite – Candy Cane Lane!! 50 Homes Decorated on Minerva Rd in Cathedral City Last Week of November Through Jan 1, 2016

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The Red Boxes at Salton Sea

The Red Boxes at Salton Sea by Randi Brown Nobody knows how the Mysterious Red Boxes at Salton Sea got there or why they are there. This is a quick report on the boxes. If you want to see them

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The Salton Sea Walker – man will attempt to be first ever to walk the 116 miles shoreline in just 6 days this summer

In June 2015 one man will attempt to be the first person to ever walk around the 116 miles of Salton Sea shoreline. The attempt during summer when temperatures reach 120°F will be chronicled on the SaltonSeaWalk.com, Twitter, Facebook, Google

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Follow the Historic Walk Around The Salton Sea

A Historic Walk Around The Salton Sea By Randy Brown Everyone says I am crazy to want to walk around the 116 miles of Salton Sea shoreline but I say it’s everyone else that is missing out on what a

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Mud Volcanoes near the Salton Sea??

Salton Sea Mud Volcanoes Along the eastern shoreline, near Bombay Beach, Elite Tours owner Mark Farley leads his group a short distance from the Highway 111 roadway and picks up a rock. It is no ordinary rock, but rather pumice:

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Salvation Mountain – A Potential Environmental Nightmare Lying in Wait?

By Death Valley Jim For many years I have been asked, “Jim, have you been to Salvation Mountain?” Which I’ve quickly answered, “No, but it looks interesting. It just isn’t very high on my list of places that I want

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Something stinks…it’s The Salton Sea

The Salton Sea Sometimes from my home  in Joshua Tree, I can smell the foul odor of decaying fish from the Salton Sea, forty-seven miles away, but that is on a rather rare occasion.  For years I have seen photographs of The Salton Sea, Read More

Salton Sea Beauty by Tony Fernandez

Coachella Valley Photographer, Tony Fernandez, visited the Salton Sea and captured this amazing shot! Read More

New Report Warns of Massive Public Health as Salton Sea Declines

New Report Warns of Massive Public Health, Property, and Environmental Costs as Salton Sea Declines.  Story Courtesy of the The Pacific Institute September 3, 2014 – Oakland, Calif.: A new report released today by the Oakland-based Pacific Institute warns the shrinking

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Salton Sea Sunset

Salton Sea Sunset by Peter Tellone Photographer Peter has been capturing the beauty of the Coachella Valley for years. You can see his work here and read more about Peter here Peter has kindly allowed us to showcase some his work

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